• Step 1

    Listing Consultation

    The process of selling your home starts with meeting with Greg at your home for a listing consultation. This meeting typically lasts an hour and is focused on your real estate goals, discussing the sales process, and reviewing market data relating to your home. After the consultation, you will be full of knowledge and ready to sell!

  • Step 2

    Prepare The Home & Photos

    Preparing your home consists of 4 steps:
    1) Make pertinent repairs or touch ups to the home
    2) De-Clutter the home – less is more
    3) Stage the home (situation dependent)
    4) Clean – professional cleaner recommended

    Prior to listing the home, Greg will coordinate a professional photographer to take photos. It is best to time this up the day after the home is deep cleaned to capture it in its best light.

    Step 2

  • Step 3

    List The Home & Accept An Offer

    Listing your home in the MLS is the single most effective way to sell a home for top dollar. Your home will be listed in conjunction with an expert marketing plan specific to your home including: price positioning, professional photos, paid/targeted ads, Agent-to-Agent marketing, Open Houses, and more. The iconic ‘For Sale’ sign will be placed in your yard the day of listing. An electronic lock box will be used on the front door that only Realtors can access – ensuring maximum security for you and your home. Showings will be scheduled through a convenient service called ShowingTime, which also provides an online dashboard to keep track of your showings.

    A great marketing plan will lead to one or several offers. Once you accept an offer, you are officially in contract! Greg will send you a copy of the fully executed contract accompanied by a convenient cover sheet with all pertinent dates and terms. From the week you list your home through the last week of closing, you will receive weekly e-mail updates with an updated timeline, a highlight of the past weeks events, and items coming up the next week

  • Step 4

    Inspections & Remedies

    Immediately following the acceptance of an offer, the timeline starts on the contract deadlines, most notably the home inspection deadline. The buyer is responsible for scheduling a home inspection, usually within about the first week of contract acceptance.

    At the conclusion of the home inspection, the buyer receives a report highlighting areas of the home that may need some common maintenance increasing in severity to items that need immediate attention for the safety of the home. The buyer will present a request to remedy asking for items they feel are necessary to be remedied in order to continue with closing. Remedy items are negotiable during the inspection/remedy time frame, but a reasonable remedy should be given fair consideration.

    Step 4

  • Step 5

    Appraisal & Financing

    An appraisal is usually required if the buyer is obtaining a mortgage. The appraisal is a determination of the home’s value by a licensed appraiser. The subsequent appraisal report is used by the bank to ensure their loan makes good business sense. A successful appraisal or negotiated agreement in the event of a short appraisal are required for the contract to continue to closing.

  • Step 6

    Final Walk-Through

    One of the last steps before closing is the buyer’s final walk-through. There is a dual purpose for this time:
    1) Verify that all remedies have been completed
    2) Check to ensure the property is in the same or better condition from the last time the property was viewed

    Step 6

  • Step 7

    Closing & Possession

    For closing, bring your valid Driver’s License/ID (cannot be expired) and a blank check to closing. The blank check can be used as confirmation of your bank account for your proceeds to be wired.

    Once you finish signing the papers at closing, you have officially sold your home! Keys will be exchanged at the time of closing or arranged for the possession date. It’s a great feeling successfully navigating a market and selling your home for top dollar – enjoy!

Greg Gleaves



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